Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ham on Rye

Charles Bukowski: Ham on Rye. Ecco. ISBN:0-87685-557-5.

A semi autobiographical version of Bukowski's childhood, and a counterpart and effectively a prequel to Post Office.

En diálogo / I

Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari: En diálogo / I. Siglo Veintiuno Editores. ISBN:968-23-2606-0.

Transcriptions of short dialogues, about a variety of themes — literature, languages, Argentina, politics, etc — held between Borges and Ferrari.

This is the first volume in a set of two.

Interpreter of Maladies

Jhumpa Lahiri: Interpreter of Maladies. Mariner Books. ISBN-13:978-0-395-92720-5.

A collection of short stories mostly about Indian-Americans; one takes place in India. A really good book; I definitely intend to pick up other books by Lahiri in the future.

A Natural History of Latin

Tore Janson (translated and adapted into English by Merethe Damsgaard Sørensen and Nigel Vincent): A Natural History of Latin. Oxford University Press. ISBN-13:978-0-19-921405-1.

A discussion of the history of the Latin language, beginning with the early years of Rome, ending with the present.